Does following Jesus feel impossible? Are you trying hard to be a good Christian while secretly feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Las Vegas pastor Vance Pitman spent almost a decade of his Christian journey trying hard to live the Christian life. For years he tried—and for years he failed miserably.

In Unburdened, Vance closely examines the life of Jesus in the Gospels to reveal the soul-awakening truths that have set him and many others free from the burden of religion. With raw honesty and real-life applications, he helps readers escape the exasperating cycle of trying to live for Jesus and shows them instead the power of discovering the joy of a love relationship with Jesus.

Whether you have been a Christian for days or decades, Unburdened will outline for you what following Jesus is all about: relationships.

Oh, the joy and freedom of the life of Jesus in us—joy and freedom that are foreign to far too many professing Christians. I invite you to read Unburdened by Vance Pitman and be changed forever by the pure, simple, and absolutely revolutionary reality that Jesus died for you so that He might live in you!

David Platt,
pastor, McLean Bible Church

Kathy Litton,
director of planter spouse development, NAMB of the SBC

Unburdened powerfully exposes Satan’s crafty work in the deception of religion. Information and doing are not the abundant life Jesus promised. In fact, they are burdens that produce no true life or joy. This is a desperately needed book for the American religious landscape! Vance’s personal transparency will set others free.

“The burning question throughout Vance’s book is this: What does it look like to faithfully follow Jesus? It is of great importance that every generation answer this question and frame what this looks like within our cultural milieu. We live in a cultural moment that depends on how Christians answer this question and will lead to either redundancy or a revival of the Christian faith.

Ed Stetzer,
Wheaton College

Vance Pitman is the Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. which is a church plant of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. His expositional teachings and command of the diverse biblical vernacular captivate his audience and urge them to ask, “How can I be more involved in the Kingdom?”